Top 7 Bucket List Ideas this 2021

Three years back, I saw an Indian Marathi movie ‘The Bucket List’ essayed by one of the most
popular female actors from Bollywood, where a 40-year old homemaker in Pune city makes the life-
changing decision to complete the bucket list of 20-year old donor girl. Since then, the movie stayed
on my mind! Although the movie throws light on what you will do and fulfil before you die, I wanted
to create a bucket list to live! You see, my idea was to create a list that keeps me going…it helps me
to create a far more meaningful life than looking at what if and then…
As the last week of 2020 set in, I decided to write a bucket list for many reasons. As the year ends,
some people ponder on many other things – life, goals, fulfilment, etc. Either they look back the
memory lane or some simply look forward. This year was an earth-shaking year for many and what a
better way to end it by looking forward to many things in the upcoming year!
When Resolution discussions replace coffee table conversations on New Year’s Eve, one really
wonders why one created a list that never got fulfilled? Why not create a list that is a reflection of
who you are and want to be in life? These questions have led many to value the mother-of-all list
that one writes and wishes to fulfil before they die but I preferred to create a list that encouraged
me to live through 2021! So, let us deconstruct the Bucket List!
What is a Bucket List:
If you have never heard of the term “bucket list”, it is a list of all the goals you want to achieve,
dreams you want to ever fulfil, and life experiences you wish to experience before you die. But hey,
who wants to die when we have so much to live, cherish and achieve! They are those milestones
that not only fill your days but also your soul.

Why create a Bucket List?
What is different with Bucket List that I need to list it today? Well, Bucket List safeguards your intent
and dreams. It acts a reminder of all the things we want to achieve in your time on Earth so that
instead of spending our time on pointless and purposeless things, the list directs it toward things
that matter to us today and beyond!
While a list of Resolutions can still get restricted to certain contexts of health, wealth, career or
family, Bucket list is just like planning all the highlights that you want for YOUR life. It can be as
simple and silly as doing a headstand or a cartwheel once in your life and there is no one judging it!
As you know, life has an ugly way of becoming a mundane routine… you wake up every morning to a
speedy start to the day, work, eat, come home and simply sleep. Of course there are vacations and
weekend getaways however, they too have now taken an avatar of a tourist on a constant move!
Bucket List helps you to rewind and remind why you exist and work so hard in the day.
They also stimulate wonder, curiosity and child-like fun that you always wanted to have. It is that
feeling of awe that gets you going further even in the most chaotic days. One of my bucket list items
is to eat a fully loaded variety of sundae completely personalised to my wishes…

In reality, Bucket Lists are truly mindful and morale boosters. Keeping all your dreams closely
connected to the present moment is a sure way to achieve them in full life than waiting for an
unpleasant ending that awakens a dire need.
Having researched a great deal on this subject and talked with many age groups, interesting ideas
poured in from different directions. A lot of times, people get perplexed to write all such uninhibited
ideas that they always wanted to achieve. I have tried to collate the top 7 ideas that can get you
quickly started with your Bucket list!

What can go into my Bucket List? – Top 10 Bucket List ideas
Interestingly 47% of people want to get to their ideal weight on a recent survey done by USA Today.
So how do I get started with my Bucket List? Simply take a pen and paper and start documenting
what comes to your mind – release yourself from all inhibitions. There is no glass ceiling to break!

  1. Travel all around the world 
    Now that I have travelled half part of Europe, Middle East, South East and India as a travel
    enthusiast, my earnest desire is to cover the rest of the major countries in my healthy days.
    Travelling opens horizons, gets you to explore cultures and meet new people. When I see the images
    of The Taj Mahal, Big Ben, The Eiffel Tower, Burj Khalifa, there is a sense of greater satisfaction as
    well as wish to exlore more such magnanimous locations of the world!
  2. Learn a language
    Whether it is English, Chinese or French, learning a language is so satisfying, adds respect and adds a
    whole new dimension to your personality. Although I am personally fluent in English and well versed
    with French, I hope to gain further proficiency in the near future. When you are on a business or
    solo-cation, you may benefit largely in communicating in a foreign language with local people and
  3. Make a difference to one’s life
    Make a difference to one’s life by either doing a kind deed, a favour, or take an opportunity to
    mentor others. To teach is to touch lives – a teaching assignment or a pep talk go a long way in
    shaping one’s personality. What is the difference that you can create today? A new year with a
    kinder thought like this is a great start!
  4. Follow your passion
    Covid 19 taught us that life is indeed short and abrupt. We have too little time to not love your work
    when most of us spend at least 2000 hours a year at our work! What is your passion? Was it to
    become a dancer? Was it to paint that easel board full of cobwebs? Was it to read a book? Find your
    passion and you will find your Purpose.
  5. Take up a new sport
    Do you remember those fun-filled, energetic school sport day where you experienced positive
    hormones and sheer happiness? The way you played for your team was just enough than calculating
    the number of medals. Pick up that old sport or adopt a new one and you are surely your way back
    to fitness!
  6. Achieve an ideal weight

Every year we sheepishly aspire to have that ideal weight; but, many fail to eat healthy, follow an
exercise regime, and take conscious decisions to adopt a good diet. Year 2020 has given more health
goals than ever! Shedding off those extra kilos can be the best decision of your life!

  1. Take a Detox
    Whether it is the detox diet that makes you feel lighter and lively or a Personality detox that sheds
    off all that negativity it is all worth the effort. You may not succeed in eradicating your weaker traits
    but taking a few lessons or expert’s opinion will go a long way in equipping the right confidence and

If you haven’t tried your hand at creating a Bucket list, then zoom your way in penning down your
deepest desires and goals for this year! Navigate through your Bucket list to live a fuller life and be
unapologetic awesome and thrilled at the start of the year itself!

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