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Do Personality Types really matter at Workplace? – Type A versus Type B

Consider two candidates eyeing the same work opportunity. One candidate is organized, ambitious, competitive at one side but can get overtly impatient or dominating at times. Whereas, the other candidate is creative, collaborative however, can get unruly and laid back at times. Certainly, by now, you can relate to these characteristics. While behavioral experts relate these personality traits to Type A and Type B. Many of us though, find oneself relate to both these types in different situations. And sometimes, you see a hybrid model of such traits in your personality where you a little of both Type A and Type B.

According to American Psychological Association, Type A is defined as “A complex pattern of behaviors and emotions that includes excessive emphasis on competition, aggression, impatience, and hostility.” And Type B is defined as “A less competitive, less aggressive, less hostile pattern of behavior and emotion as compared to Type A behavior pattern.”

So, who is a Type A Personality?

A Type A person likes to be in full control of their environment, people, and their lives. They are highly organized, goal – oriented and practical in their solutions. They like to be a part of solution than the problem and hence, have a very bottom line or no-nonsense approach.

Let us look at some going sentences and phrases that are adopted by Type A:

  • The bottom line
  • Results
  • Take the challenge
  • What is my return on investments?
  • Today or now
  • Let’s get it done!
  • What is the advantage?
  • Are you sticking to the plan?

Type A personalities do not perform well in an environment with a lot of restraints or restrictions. Instead, they prefer to work solely, independently and set their own rules and schedules. Most of these people see themselves in the role of top management, Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Manager, CEOs, CXOs, etc. They do not get easily swayed from their goals and know their way and work their way to the top position.

They exude confidence, determination, drive, passion, fast and are ambition personified. They also portray good multi-tasking and delegation skills. However, they tend to be workaholics, competitive, impatient, abrupt, easily angered, intolerant and domineering. These people get bored in following routines and will not enjoy work if they do not see any competitive or challenging elements in their daily work. If they see others taking time to perform the tasks, they cannot tolerate and can get tough on performance expectations. They will seek freedom and independence than following someone else’s set patterns.

While they are highly dependable to solve issues and perform well under pressure, Type A personality may not be very good at recognizing coworker’s feelings and needs in that situation.

If you’re looking for someone who works well under pressure, can function well in solitude, responds favorably to high-stress situations, the Type A personality is probably what you’re looking for at your workplace!

Hello, Type B Personality!

Type B personality is an energetic, outgoing, outspoken, and magnetic (in literal sense) person. This type of people like to be around people constantly and enjoys full attention from others. They are always in need of being approved hence, they too try to keep everyone happy hoping to be approved by others. They love compliments, acknowledgement, praises, admiration, and applause of all kinds from the groups that they belong to. You may see Jim Carrey’s performance in the Hollywood movie, The Mask if you visualize a Type B. They are real relationship builders and charmers.

Let us look at some going sentences and phrases that are adopted by Type B:

  • This is fun
  • You are the best…
  • This is all because of your…
  • You look great!
  • This is totally entertaining
  • I am flattered!

Type B persons are fun-loving, entertaining, motivating, people-oriented, self-confident, fast-paced, friendly, and charismatic. They are easily liked by people and do not leave any stone unturned to charm and persuade the others through their great ideas and spontaneous energy. However, these types do not like to being alone and can get too involved in other relationships. They tend to be arrogant and self-indulgent at times too. Awards, recognition, selfie moments, latest trends motivate them highly and like to be at the centerstage position all the times.

They would do exceptionally well in public relations, events and entertainment profiles, customer service, sales, hosting and hospitality, etc. Their enthusiasm, outgoing behavior, friendliness and likeability, and their ability to persuade even the most unwilling person makes them outperform their naysayers. They make sure that their image and appearance is always outstanding as they fear being ridiculed, unattractive or humiliated in social groups.

They are dreamers yet they tend to stay convert their dreams into reality. However, they lack detail and goal orientation, hence, can possess a difficulty in keeping up with tasks and take project to completion. This is also a resultant of over socializing and spending little time in bettering and controlling tasks.

If you’re looking for someone who works well with diverse teams, can bring more enthusiasm to project teams, responds creatively and collaboratively, and exemplify oodles of confidence and charisma, the Type B personality is probably what you’re looking for at your workplace!

Does being a Type A or Type B matter?

Human mind is programmed to classify into patterns and groups hence placing behaviors into such personality types or constructs makes it easier to operate and respond to people and situations at the workplace. It helps the manager to align priorities and projects keeping the strengths and anticipated behaviors, however, do note that there can be a blend of Type A and B to make your project teams more successful and goals more accomplished. So, there may not be a dire need to be classified in Type A or B or for that matter C and D as well but can be helpful to have a good insight into the right fitment and project success.


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